The Secret to Finding Purpose in Life: The Keys to a Happy and Fulfilled Life!

Updated: Jul 5

Happiness and Purpose in life. The Keys To Living a Happy Life.
Happiness and Purpose in life.

"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts."- Marcus Aurelius

Purpose in life is so important for most people. Without it, we would be lost and without meaning.

Purposeful living fills us with a sense of purpose that makes our lives meaningful even when they're tough times ahead - which is why many people find this to be an integral part of their being human!

Not all people know what it means to have a purpose in life. They are born without knowing their destiny and they spend their days wandering through life, never finding happiness or fulfilment. Fortunately for those who are lost, there is hope! In this blog post, we will go over some keys that can help you find happiness and meaning so you too can live a fulfilled life.

First, happiness is the ultimate key to finding purpose in life. It's not possible to find meaning without happiness and accomplishment because you can't be happy if you're struggling all of the time or feeling like your whole life has been wasted on meaningless things. To feel fulfilled with yourself and with your life, it's important for you to first have self-awareness. Awareness of who you are and what makes you happy.

It can be hard to get out of bed or even leave the house when you don't have a sense of purpose. We need reminders that remind us what we are living for, and why it's worth getting up in the morning--even if just once monthly, weekly, or daily!

We tend to go through life wanting to please others hoping that will make us happy and fulfilled. But happiness comes from within, and we must find happiness before finding purpose in life. By focusing on our needs first instead of everyone else's, we can start to think more about what makes us happy than worrying so much about others opinions or thoughts.

Finding happiness can be difficult for some of us.

Happiness is an inner game. Also the more you play, the better you get at it. `

So take some time to think about happiness. Ask yourself, what do you like to do when you're feeling happy? We all have this power in ourselves to find happiness and purpose within our own lives.

There is happiness that you seek, and happiness that finds you.

Some happiness comes from being needed by another person or people. Other happiness is the joy of watching your kids graduate high school or college; knowing they'll have a relatively carefree life ahead of them as an adult in the world today."

The happiness that finds you is not always the happiness we think of when someone tells us they're happy. Happiness can come in the form of a small event or accomplishment; it might be something as simple as getting through your day with less irritation than usual.

Ultimately we all would like to be happy but many of us do not rely on know-how or where to start from. I also suspect that some of us are afraid that something terrible might happen only to be unhappy again if we're happy.

Then some people simply don't want happiness because they believe you can't be happy all the time; it is as though being happy will take away happiness from another person forgetting that we each have a happiness generator within us waiting to be switched on.

Happiness is a habit that can be cultivated either from within or externally.

It is a decision that we make. It is not a destination or an event waiting to happen.

Happiness does not happen by chance, it's the result of our own thoughts and actions. It starts with happiness in yourself and then radiates outwards to others as shown through some happiness quotes. We are all capable of living equally happy and fulfilling lives but happiness needs to be cultivated.

If for whatever reason one cannot connect and hold on to that inner happiness initially, then one can start with being around happy people to draw from the outside. The habit will soon catch on.

The happiness we feel, the fulfilment we experience, are within our control. It does not happen by chance; it's the result of our own thoughts and actions - in other words, what happiness experts call "mindset."

A happiness Mindset

Mindset plays a very important role in our ability to be happy or not.

No one can guarantee happiness, but we have control over what our mindset is. Happiness expert Shawn Achor writes, "If you consciously choose to set your happiness on a specific goal and pursue that with passionate anticipation every day-I call this 'setting yourself up for happiness'.

When you wake up, start the day by looking in the mirror.

This helps one to get a glimpse of who you are and what drives you. Then, when I'm getting dressed, that's where it all starts--the outfit is like a mood board for how the day will feel. The last thing before embarking on the day’s work is to put on music and dance around while getting ready. Then there's a moment when you can just stop for a second and take everything in.

Try to make sure that every day has at least one moment like this. Rinse and repeat. You will look forward to every day of the week regardless of whether it's a weekday or weekend.

I hope you find this helpful and please feel free to share this blog post with your friends and family!

Sarah Benice is the author of Alchemy Of Happiness - Healing The Inner Child book.

On a mission to help people around the world become more conscious, enlightened, and happy. Sarah's approach is a combination of self-development, spirituality, and practicality.

She believes that happiness can be achieved by examining one’s inner child and resolving emotional wounds that have not been healed (from childhood).

She is a host on her own podcast, The BeNice Show, where she interviews successful people to find out their secrets to success.

She also works as a consultant at Benice Media UK and mentors for Prince's Trust.