Skills Post Covid19 and Lockdown.

Last week I asked James Altucher his opinion on skills post covid19. Back to that in a moment but first let me share what inspired this question.

I had just completed a consultation with a lady who had quite a few qualifications ranging in so many different areas.

She seemed passionate too about most of these areas and aspired to work with people from different walks of life. It was also apparent that she is a people person.

She simply wants to help. Now the challenge wasn’t helping her package her knowledge rather her deciding what to focus and double down on.

To be honest we went back and forth a few days allowing her the time to decide what it is exactly they wanted to do or who they wanted to serve.

One thing that kept coming to mind after our first meeting was Knowledge vs Information. Now I won’t bore you with the difference for I know you see where this is going.

It became apparent to me that there’s probably a few of us who emersed a lot of information but struggle with integrating it with the skills we possess or packaging it in a coherent manner so it can easily be consumed.

James Altucher is someone I have followed for a while now and learned so much from. I guess it’s safe to refer to him as my virtue mentor.

My question to him was his take on the above (knowledge and Information) and his predictions for the future in terms of skills……!

For anyone who doesn’t know James, he’s some cool guy who has written a bunch of books (The Choose Yourself Series).

He also talks finance and is famous for market predictions and his chase moves.

James pointed out how indirect skills such as creativity will be most valuable. He also touched on coding which isn’t a necessary skill but will be required given where we’re headed…..!

Since that communication, I haven’t stopped thinking of how collaborations will be the new thing. I have covered this in my previous writeup which you can find here.

James also has this thing of writing 10 ideas every day as a way of exercising the idea’s muscle, which I really like. Sometimes he marries two ideas to give birth to a new baby idea.

For the purpose of this blog, I have put together a few ideas just from observing posts in my feed earlier on today.

I hope they’ll inspire you to hopefully coming up with a mega idea that could potentially change your life and those around you.

The ideas below could do rely well on local settings/communities.

  • Community study groups

  • Hot desk and Coffee (now that more and more people are moving towards working from home, not everyone is able to work from their living room)

  • Mini exhibitions from local artists. This could include displaying their art in local restaurants to encourage others and support local businesses.

  • Creating mini-stories from the community and share them on Youtube. What better way to promote an area, it’s business ventures and potential. I can see so many businesses running on the backend of this….!

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller

Imagine if anyone of these ideas above married coding or writing, the babies could transform a community.

As we transition into a new reality, wouldn’t it be nice if we’re the creators of that reality?! In the past few weeks, I have interacted with a few people who do not fancy going back to their previous jobs now that they are off the hamster wheel.

These men and women want to tap into their skills. They want to create things they know others will enjoy using.

All the above can be archived by marrying desire with commitment.

I would love to connect and hear about creations.

If you need help to manifest your idea(s), feel free to contact yours truly and together we could uncover something groundbreaking.

Be intentional.