Accelerate Personal Growth. Embracing Change!

Handling Change Like A Pro…!

Impermanence. I hear it's one of the most important aspects of Buddhism.

My favorite Einstein quote - one of not being able to solve a problem using the same consciousness that created it. Which brings us to change.

There are so many quotes and sayings about change and how important it is to our personal growth. “Change is inevitable”. “Change is the only constant”. “To grow one has to change”. Change. Change. Change.

Also for change to happen there has to be a process. This is probably scarier than change itself.

Most of us know that change is a fact of life but resist it when it shows up. It is also the one thing we don’t like to discuss or plan for. Somehow we want to act as though it doesn’t exist hoping that it will forget to show up.

Personally, I think our biggest fear is not changing but going through the process of change. Not knowing what will happen. If it will be long or short. The discomfort. The unknown. That thing we cannot put a finger or but fear it might cause pain....!

Most of it is imagined by the way. That thing never happens in the end.

Because the brain wants to protect us and keep us safe, it will send signals to make us think that we’re safe as long as we don't try to change.

Now, change can happen voluntarily or involuntarily. Trust me you don’t want the latter.

Either way when change shows up, surrender, sit back, enjoy the ride. Allow it to do its thing. Trusting that everything will be fine.

The Transition. Bridging The Gap.....!

In most cases, you'll find that an event or a series of them will collaborate to bring on change. It can seem as though they rang up each other to show up at your doorstep at the same time. When this happens, just open the door, make them a cup of tea and let them do their thing. They already know where you live.

Now, whether it has been evoked or brought on voluntarily, there will be a process otherwise known as a transition. How this unfolds boils down to how it was brought about and if resistance is met or not.

Let me explain.....!

Some transitions can take long and be painful. Others not so much. The intensity of the transition will depend on your resistance to change. The sooner you embrace change the easier the process and the sooner it will be over.

I guess this is what they meant when they said: “go with the flow”.

Understand that what is happening is a fact of life. Also a requirement of growth. We cannot go to the next level of our life while staying in the same place at the same time.

The fact that it is happening means that you have no control over this force of nature. It can also be a sign that you are an upgrade.

You have reached your limits. You have walked to the end of the paradox. Reached the end of your current ability. The next logical step is transitioning into new grounds. Once you realise this, you’ll be more at peace with change. In fact, you might catch yourself excited and looking forward to the next level of your life knowing that you're leveling up.

When you embrace the transition with such a mindset my friend, you will not feel the pain but pleasure as you'll soon treat it like an adventure. You might. Just might enjoy it while it lasts.

Do this when you find yourself right in the thick of it:

  • Embrace each step of the way.

  • Stay present.

  • Go as far as you can to create energy in the right direction, then momentum will carry you for the rest of the journey. Like a car going down from the top of the hill.

Motivation by itself will only take you so far. Look around what/inspires you.

Give each day your absolute best by being intentional. You’re growing or should I say expanding.

It’s not going to feel the same. Each day will be different and might be uncomfortable. Sometimes we don’t even know our own limits later on our full potential until we are tested.

When you give your all, to a point of feeling empty then you break into new grounds. Expansion happens.

You’ll need to expand to full capacity, then integrate the former, current and former potential now your current. You have bridged the distance.

This, my friend, is how you handle change like a pro. Mind over matter. This is how potential becomes reality.


One of the greatest lessons I recently learned was to have absolute certainty. Knowing is not enough but believing that you are greater than the challenge. Also that the change is your friend not enemy.

It is here to knock you into alignment with your dreams.

Yes, those things you are dreaming of. You need to expand to get to them. Or dare I say to be able to accommodate them. The same way you’d expand your house to accommodate more people or things.

Challenge. That thing that awakens you to the dream. The gift comes wrapped in a wrapping paper known as a challenge. Handle with care.

Side note: You'll not get a solution if you’re overwhelmed by the process. Only when you handle it like a pro will you be able to navigate through the “challenges” aka new opportunity that you don't know how to handle. Yet!

Surrender to the process. As they say, go with the flow.

I would like to hear your experiences with change and how you handle it when it shows up.

Lots of love

Sarah Benice