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Sarah Benice and Gary Vaynerchuck at VaynerMedia London

We have or need mentors one way or another. Sometimes we might be able to meet them, others not. With the internet, we don't even have to live in the same city or country.

This is why I am sharing with you who my top two mentors have been so far.

About fours years ago I discovered Gary. A friend shared a video and my first thoughts were “what an obnoxious man”.

What did I know….!

On seeing the third video I thought I should check out who this guy is.

The months that followed I’d binge on his videos on Youtube and Facebook-lives. Somehow I found a way to mute what I didn’t want to hear and take the message.

James on the other hand, I just stumbled upon his writing on Facebook.

My first thoughts, “what a beautiful piece of writing”. I was hooked from then to this day.

I remember it was the financial Fridays…!

I studied his work (mainly the written word), listened to his podcast. To this day it is the only pod I listen to religiously and get notification of.

Lessons I learned from Gary:

  • That there are no short cuts in life.

  • That life was long so one had to either love what they’re doing or get out.

  • That being true to oneself comes before anything else. This ties into the one above.

Plus so many other lessons but those were my top three takeaways. I must say though that I am still learning. Those three above gave me a great stepping stone and permission to do me.

They have also served as great catalysts to serving a cup full.

Today I rarely watch Gary but appreciate what he does for the community. I do check him out every now and then just to see what’s happening and what is new in this space.

What I learned from James.

I fell in love with James’s writing style. I had never tested such beautiful writing. It was fresh and felt authentic.

I immediately realised that this was someone who was true to himself, sharing some of the experiences, wins, and Ls. He felt so real but what I admired most was him sharing his adversities.

I soon realised that they (adversities) made him who he is. They make us if we don’t let them break us. I haven’t met James, Yet! but feel like I know him simply because he is relatable.

He also comes across authentic….

Studying his work especially the Choose Yourself series sort of gave me permission to share my voice without feeling anyhow. They helped me overcome the mind blocks I had for years.

You see I always knew I had something to share (just like you and the next person), I was mainly in my head instead.

Telling myself stories such as:

“What if no one likes my work?”

“But how I am going to be able to create content consistently?” ”Content that is me?”

What did I know????!!!!!!!!!!!

James also talks about writing 10 ideas everyday. He encourages one to write something everyday and put it out there. It is true we get better with time. Practice is the mother and father of improvement.

He also discusses the daily 1% improvement. I know I am a work in progress improving 1% everyday.

Writing has become my gateway to sharing. Obviously with the internet I am able to reach a bigger number from different walks of life who I would never have met otherwise.

It also stimulates my brain. I used to love reading but now I find writing even more delicious.

These two humans who I barely know, gave me permission to embrace who I am without fear of being judged.

This is probably one of the greatest regrets I would have had in my 80's sat in a rocking chair.

Those two may never know this but you do. Without them, who knows....

Now the real question is how do I pass this on?!

I would like to hear your ideas.

Please share them in the comment section below. I would also like to hear who has been your greatest inspiration (dead or living) and if you ever met them yet.

Sending you lots of love and light


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