TV or Social Media, Restaurants Win

FRIDAY!  "What are you up to this weekend", they ask. Me: I'll treat self to a nice meal at my local.

They; "You can't guarantee that it will be nice"

Me; I follow them on Instagram and just saw a clip of the chef in action! 

Ever wondered why there are whole TV channels dedicated to cooking?

How about celebrity chefs and how much they earn standing in front of a camera for 30 minutes

Why magazines always have that “best recipe” sections with steps on how to have it ready on the table

How about cooking shows and competitions on TVs Saturday morning?!

My guess ......

........people love COOKING ACTION.

I don’t know about you, but I love seeing how things happen and I am sure that’s the reason my parents sent me to school-to learn how things happen. How we came to be, how the rain is formed, how plants grow, how atoms do this and that.

Same goes with my appetite, I enjoy a meal that I’ve seen being prepared. It all goes back to the power of VISUAL.

Whereas some restaurants can provide a such a service at site, if you are not yet at that level, use video – take some clips of your chef preparing the day’s lunch/specials

“Chef ...(insert name) getting your lunch ready” you can caption it – allow chef talk us through the preparation.

Share it in the minutes closing in to meal time. People love to know that what they are going to eat is fresh from the pan.

Also, people love to know that what they are about to eat is freshly made (assuming it is) by another human-being (relatable). Yeah machines too can cook, but hey, people prefer people (forget AI. For now).

Showing your kitchen action also gives the customer the privilege of exploring the ‘behind the scenes’, how your kitchen looks, the hygiene, what kind of equipment you use, the tomatoes and onions and how you do this and that before your present it to them at the table. 

Now that's art. Well it looks like art to me. 



Make them love your kitchen and they’ll come to eat of its creation.

I could go on and on, but hey it’ Friday, I need to get to my local restaurant for my Friday treat. The chef shared insights of today's specials and I can't wait.

Sharing is caring, let your chef share his talent with his followers (us). Look our for my next blog. If you can't wait, you can get our newsletters here and blog straight in your inbox 

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