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Seven steps to getting more traffic to your website. Ok, first things first. There is no one big strategy to get more traffic to your website. There’s a stack of things though that once done properly and over a period of time will bring you traffic and leads all depending on the main purpose of the site.

Below are a few things you can do today to get you started already:

First off, make sure your site is mobile optimized and has Site Lock so it’s safe for users when they share their details. This is an obvious one but you would be how are not in this day and age. Site lock is free from most website hosts. You just need to activate it.

Create (if you haven’t done so yet) at least three social pages - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Youtube and share your website address so they link back to your website. This will help backlinks as well as domain authority in search engines.

Claim your Google business page if you haven’t done so yet. Search Google My Business and follow the instructions to claim your place.

Decide, (if you haven’t done so yet ) on brand colors. This will play a big role part when your prospects check you out on other platforms. You’ll be able to stand out in their eyes.

Write down who your ideal client is and their age range. This will be great for when we get to content creation.

Take note of your top 10 competitors (check them on the google first page). This will create a benchmark once we get working together.

Now type your business name in the google search engine. You should be able to see what suggestions come up when you scroll all the way to the bottom. Take note of that.

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Before embarking on any online marketing, SEO or social media marketing for your business or personal brand, request for a free report from us here. This will not only show you the strong an weak point of your website but also make it easy for you to decide on what needs working on now and what can wait.

They say knowing is half a solution, the other half is fixing.

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