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The Disconnect To Re-Connect Event...!

When we grow, the level of our connection must also grow. We suffer not from what is happening but what might happen usually determined by what happened.

The past and future tend to take away what is.

Guess what, the future you’re worried about is here. 

Most of the things you’re worried about didn’t happen. 

They only lived in your imagination. They didn’t make it because you’re bigger than them or maybe it was a mind game (pan intended). 

With your permission, I would like to walk with you as you find and reconnect to the real you and eliminate blockages once and for all.

For £19.99 only join us and get to discover your shadow self. Thursday 15th April at 7:00 pm UK time (UTC+01). 

If you can't make the time, there will be a recording that will be sent to everyone who registers even if you are not able to attend. 

Let’s Connect...!

Get in touch so we can send you a link to join and the recording. 

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