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Starting/running a business is hard enough, later on, to try to figure out tools to use.

Let someone who has been there to walk you through it all. Get clarity from the 1-1 coaching.

This will make life easier for you, freeing up time to focus on the most important thing - running your business.

Get all Sarah's recommended resources to help you build an online system

Super Charge Your Online Game

Investing in online marketing is not surprising since the internet plays such a major role in modern life. How does this affect you? It means if your business isn't digital yet - it will struggle to stay relevant, competitive and grow long term.

Smartphones are used for hours each day by people around the world. This has significantly increased during lockdowns.


You need to be online if you want to stay relevant.


Great News!


Sarah Benice will deliver a live class on Thursday 10th March 2022

sharing the same tips and strategies she uses with the businesses

she consults.


This course will teach you strategies to remain on top of trends,

so you can gain exposure online while making your moves relevant.

Additionally, you will learn how to search for top keywords in your industry.


Optimising your website(s) and pages for relevant visibility and lead generation.


During the call or afterwards, you will be able to ask any burning questions you may have through a dedicated method.

In addition, the recording will be available for 30 days so that you can revisit it as you apply the strategies you learn.


Charge up your skills. Charge up the future of your business. 

Register here to receive a checklist and other pre-live bonuses.

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Business Emails

Business emails are how you stand out from the crowd and look professional.

Sales Process

For a business to succeed, it requires a system /process that works 24/7


If you are ready to use your voice to connect with the world, look no further. 

Content Creation

If you are seeking fresh content for your blogs/articles for your niche with relevant keywords.  

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Brand Formular 101

The Brand Formula 101 class was created to assist small business owners to get the hang of branding while creating online visibility that will sustain them beyond 2022.


The class has been well received among business owners in the UK and was created by one of our own. It is also perfect for personal brands, coaches, tutors and freelancers alike.