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Sarah Benice is the author of Alchemy Of Happiness - Healing The Inner Child book.

Her mission is to help people around the world become more conscious, enlightened and happy.


Sarah's approach is a combination of self-development, spirituality and practicality.


She believes that happiness can be achieved by examining one’s inner child and resolving emotional wounds that have not been healed (from childhood).


She hosts The BeNice Show Podcast which is getting a lot of traction.


In it, she interviews successful people about their life experiences with the intention of making her listeners feel better about themselves in comparison to their idols and hopefully inspired by them.


The show also tackles tough topics like mental health, bullying, depression etc as well as how to deal with daily challenges like lack of motivation.


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Sarah is also digital marketer who has worked with Benice Media to help other businesses, entrepreneurs and brands grow their online presence.


She's passionate about the power of social media for business and believes that everyone should have access to an affordable marketing plan that will allow them to be successful in today's fast-paced world.

She offers affordable branding services as well as content creation, strategy, design and development so she can provide one-stop shopping for all your needs.


Sarah is a lady of many talents and passions.


She believes that work and life should not be separate but one and the same.


Since we spend so much time working, we might as well enjoy what we do!


This is one of the things that drive her to help others find that thing they like doing and can earn from.


That thing that will pull you forward instead of feeling pushed.


She wants to help others find their passion in life which is why she created the Disconnect to Reconnect program. 

Sarah Benice is one of the most inspiring and motivational people you will ever meet. Having been a coach with the Prince's Trust for two years, she has coached many others including executives and company owners on a 1-1 basis. Sarah understands what it takes to connect with others and getting the best out of them as they try to find their missing pieces.

Between her coaching work, writing, podcasting and planning digital marketing events, Sarah is always on the go. She loves being able to help other people grow in ways that make them feel empowered about themselves and their lives!



Life can be challenging. We all know that we have to deal with a lot of different situations at work and home, but sometimes it feels like things are out of our hands. 


I understand how frustrating it is when you feel stuck in your life or career and don't see any way out. It's easy to get discouraged and lose hope for the future. Sometimes you even start blaming yourself for not being good enough which makes the situation even worse!


Let me help you find clarity. I will guide you through a process where we tackle one challenge at a time until they are resolved completely or become manageable again so that you can move forward with confidence.


After working together, most people report feeling empowered, confident about their own abilities as well as more optimistic about their future prospects.

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Sarah BeNice Banner


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